Canvas Email and Notifications

“How do I forward canvas emails to another account such as my personal email?” I recently held a question and answer time with students in HCTM 310.  Among the most frequent asked questions was “how do I modify Canvas email settings so it forwards information to my email or phone?”
Can I receive notifications through my phone?? Yes. You can have Canvas forward notifications to multiple email accounts.  You will need to go to your settings link at the top of the Canvas menu. Also, in the same location, you can modify your Canvas settings so it will forward information to your phone. You can also find more information here in this tutorial:

HCTM Student Orientation

Student Orientation Starting this fall quarter students in HCTM had an opportunity to use the new Online Student Orientation.

Aspects of the orientation that have proved the most useful are:

  • An excellent library orientation created by Lisa Lapointe, a Baccalaureate Librarian at the college.
  • Information about college culture and planning including a description of  how much work is in a  college “credit.” Most likely many students haven’t given this much thought, and my guess is that many faculty don’t realize how much time or homework is recommended for a 5 credit course.
  • A Medical terminology module. With further planning this may work into  a 1 credit course.

The orientation was released to new HCTM students  two weeks before the quarter began. They were notified of our expectation that they complete by the 2nd week of the quarter.  Yes- the orientation was a lot of work, but we see it as an investment. We welcomed our students to the program while also setting a tone of high expectations.

Staying current with HIMSS Analytics


The Healthcare Technology and Management program at Bellevue College is proud to be an Academic Affiliate member of the Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS). As an Academic Affiliate we are able to provide students with  free, student memberships to HIMSS. This page ( describes some of the benefits that you’ll receive as a student member. You’ll soon be receiving an email from Dr Charney with details on how to register as a student member through our Academic Affiliation with HIMSS.

Student membership in HIMSS gives you access to a wide variety of resources. For more information about HIMSS you should visit “Why Should You Be A HIMSS Member?” (
Our Academic Affiliate membership includes many other benefits that you’ll soon be hearing about!



Learning Portfolios

Creating a learning portfolio will help showcase  your skills

The learning portfolio is method of recording your intellectual growth at Bellevue College, and can be an effective strategy in presenting work to potential employers. Starting next fall students in the  Health Technology Management program will create and maintain an online portfolio documenting their learning. 

This is something you may want to start setting up on your own this summer, especially if spring is your quarter at Bellevue College. The HCTM will use WordPress, a popular content management tool, as the platform for students’ portfolios. WordPress is available for free, and users can go to and create their own account. Essentially you are creating a simple website and blog. The WordPress tools make customization and uploading files pretty easy. 

Portfolios have been for quite a while of course, but this well help you take your learning with you in a context that the world can more easily view. You may want to upload papers you’ve written, copy and past some of your own Canvas  discussion posts to a blog, post your resume, and create an introduction about yourself explaining your goals. This can also be a great opportunity for you to reflect on your own learning at Bellevue College.

The HCTM program has developed a sample portfolio located at:

Recommended reading about e-portfolios: