HCTM Student Orientation

Student Orientation Starting this fall quarter students in HCTM had an opportunity to use the new Online Student Orientation.

Aspects of the orientation that have proved the most useful are:

  • An excellent library orientation created by Lisa Lapointe, a Baccalaureate Librarian at the college.
  • Information about college culture and planning including a description of  how much work is in a  college “credit.” Most likely many students haven’t given this much thought, and my guess is that many faculty don’t realize how much time or homework is recommended for a 5 credit course.
  • A Medical terminology module. With further planning this may work into  a 1 credit course.

The orientation was released to new HCTM students  two weeks before the quarter began. They were notified of our expectation that they complete by the 2nd week of the quarter.  Yes- the orientation was a lot of work, but we see it as an investment. We welcomed our students to the program while also setting a tone of high expectations.


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