Learning Portfolios

Creating a learning portfolio will help showcase  your skills

The learning portfolio is method of recording your intellectual growth at Bellevue College, and can be an effective strategy in presenting work to potential employers. Starting next fall students in the  Health Technology Management program will create and maintain an online portfolio documenting their learning. 

This is something you may want to start setting up on your own this summer, especially if spring is your quarter at Bellevue College. The HCTM will use WordPress, a popular content management tool, as the platform for students’ portfolios. WordPress is available for free, and users can go to wordpress.com and create their own account. Essentially you are creating a simple website and blog. The WordPress tools make customization and uploading files pretty easy. 

Portfolios have been for quite a while of course, but this well help you take your learning with you in a context that the world can more easily view. You may want to upload papers you’ve written, copy and past some of your own Canvas  discussion posts to a blog, post your resume, and create an introduction about yourself explaining your goals. This can also be a great opportunity for you to reflect on your own learning at Bellevue College.

The HCTM program has developed a sample portfolio located at: http://hctmstudent.wordpress.com/

Recommended reading about e-portfolios:




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