Message from BC Interim President Jill Wakefield

Dear Bellevue College Community,

This weekend, I returned from teaching a leadership and cultures course in Turkey, where my students—all Muslim—expressed their commitment to making their communities, their countries, and the world a better place as we move to a more interconnected future. I was inspired by their enthusiasm, and impressed with their dedication to values we all share. I was surprised, and shocked, to come home through an airport where many people were being detained.

We are saddened and disheartened by the recent executive order banning the entry of refugees, immigrants and visa holders from specific countries into the United States. While the situation is still dynamic and rapidly changing, I want to assure you that Bellevue College is here to support our international students in every possible way. Our Office of International Education and Global Initiatives (OIEGI) is in contact with the State department, and we are monitoring developments closely.

Bellevue College is proud to be a home to students, staff and faculty from around the world, including several of the countries affected by this order. At least nine of our students in OIEGI are from countries affected by this travel ban.  Our advisors are working to help them make the best decisions regarding their future travel plans. Regretfully, at this time, we recommend students, faculty and staff from these nations avoid international travel: Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and Somalia. If you know of students, faculty or staff who are impacted by this, please contact either OIEGI at 425-564-3185 or via email at, the Office of Instruction at 425-564-2305 or the Counseling Center at 425-564-5747 with details so we can get in touch with them.

We hope that enlightened thought and compassion will temper the actions of the administration going forward. We value the contribution of international students to our community, and stand with them. As stated in our Affirmation of Inclusion, “Bellevue College is committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the college, free from harassment and discrimination. We value our different backgrounds at Bellevue College, and students, faculty, staff members and administrators treat one another with dignity and respect.” 

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any changes, and we remain deeply committed to maintaining an inclusive and safe campus for all.

Dr. Jill Wakefield
Interim President
Bellevue College


Cranium Cafe

Starting this fall 2016 we are integrating Cranium Café into our student advising. We will also use Cranium Cafe to assist HCI faculty with course development/e-learning design questions.

Cranium Café allows you to connect with your students and other faculty for virtual meetings. It is 100% FERPA and ADA compliant.  You can have walk-in appointments, tutoring,  and open office hours with up to 4 of your students. Cranium Café provides a scheduler, a virtual lobby, and space for virtual meetings.

Below is an icon for how it can be used. A student can easily “knock on the door” and then this takes a too link where an instant chat and video conference can take place. It is similar to Skype but seems easier and more in line with educational advising. Note that the name of Cranium recently changed to ConexED

Free Online Tutorials

Professional Online tutorials for free?

A reminder that the Seattle Public Library carries the educational service. supplies Photoshop, HTML, and many other media related tutorials.  It’s available for free to SPL card holders  and anyone in King County can get one.

This means  all King County residents in Washington State can login anytime and watch the tutorials! As an added bonus, the SPL subscription includes exercise files so you can download them and follow along.

More information:

BC Cares Day

BC Cares Day 2016!

BC-Cares-Poster-3-16-PRF1We love our community, and what better way to show that care than a day of beautifying Robinswood Park?  Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and some work gloves and join us on Saturday, May 21 for a day of community pride as we clean up our neighborhood park and prepare for warmer weather!

This is a great opportunity for us to roll up our sleeves and get to know our neighborhood! All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. T-shirts will be provided for all participants.

Date: Saturday, May 21
Time: 8.45 a.m. – Noon
Location: Robinswood Park – 2430 148th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA

Parking: Onsite parking is limited, please park on campus and walk across the street to the park.

The City of Bellevue will provide the necessary tools, but you will need to bring your own gloves. Each person will need to sign a waiver the morning of the event. Minors (under 18) must have a parent or guardian sign for them. BC Cares Day will happen rain or shine, so please dress accordingly.

Can’t attend? You can still participate! Let us know what you plan to do, when and where, and we will send you a T-shirt, too.

Questions? Want to register? Email Please RSVP by May 2 and be sure to include your T-shirt size.

Now located in T Building

The Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute has moved to the NEW T Building. Faculty & staff for Healthcare Technology and Management, as well as most other healthcare programs at Bellevue College main campus, has moved. Please check-in at the front desk located in T208 if you wish to make an appointment.


Graphics and Illustrations in Medicine

“Among the most intriguing uses they propose for graphic medicine is a role in education. Medical students are now routinely encouraged to examine the complex emotions elicited by their first immersion in the world of illness. Doing so aloud or in prose works for some, but not for all, and it turns out that sketching a set of comic panels can be a powerful alternative.”

Read the recent article at the New York Times to learn more about graphics and medicine:


Bellevue College Graduates Top the List of Median Wages

Bellevue College Main EntranceDr. Leslie Heizer Newquist, Dean of Bellevue College’s Health Sciences, Education & Wellness Institute was recently featured in a Seattle Times article about the program’s baccalaureate degrees.

The median wages of Bellevue College grads with a bachelor’s degree was $48,200 in 2013 — higher than the median for UW grads.

That figure is a testament to the community college system’s popular and growing program of applied baccalaureate degrees. Dr. Leslie Heizer Newquist, said Bellevue College graduated about 50 students from two new applied baccalaureate degree programs in 2013.

The Financial Price of Smoking

Cigarette imageAn article at The Detroit Free Press, provides an interesting overview of the financial price that smokers in have paid for tobacco addiction in state-by-state analysis. Alaska is the highest with $2,032,916 over the course of the smoker’s estimated lifetime. In Michigan the average smoker spends more than $1.4 million on cigarette related costs.

Alaska was the highest with $2,032,916, followed by Connecticut with $1,992,690 and New York with $1,982,856. South Carolina was lowest with $1,097,690, with West Virginia and Kentucky rounding out the bottom three with $1,105,977 and $1,115,619, respectively.